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Our company began with the Privilege Professional Makeup line back in 1998 under a different corporate umbrella and was sold in retail stores in the northern and southern regions of the United States as well as in International catalogs. Seeing the direction of Science and Technology, the company's founder who has also been asked to be a member of the American Chemical Society, then made the decision that our company would enter into the emerging field of Digital Technology since we had already established ourselves within the Science sector with our makeup line. Thus was the beginning of Privilege Technologies, providing personal peripherals for digital devices.

We chose as our target market the Apple after-market, specializing in the Business to Business (B2B) sector with an emphasis on customer service and as a result, Privilege Technologies was born. Seeing a particular market niche that was not being fully serviced we decided to only offer products that we felt would make an impact in the way of bettering the devices that businesses already had and then make them function better and would make the work life of their employees significantly better, as the end result would be a greater return on investment (ROI) for those companies. 

Mission Statement:  

We have the belief that not only should you get what you pay for but also you should have the company stand firmly behind what they sell to you, in addition to offering you the highest level of customer service with the commitment to helping our business customers succeed just as we have success in view for ourselves here at Privilege
Always remember, "It's Our Privilege to Serve You."

Meet Our Corporate Team

President & CEO/Chief Marketing Officer

Crystal M. Valenzuela

In the beginning, contemplating which direction to begin a career was a challenge and seemed rather difficult because her interests were rather diverse ranging from Biology, Fashion Merchandising to Business Law, all of which she studied at the age of 16 while attending a College Prep High School after being double-promoted from 7th grade to High School. She finally made the decision to go into Medicine with her major being Anatomy & Physiology on the sprawling campus of Oakland Community College before entering the University Of Michigan College Of Medicine.

After experiencing a car accident and an extended convalescence; she changed her path and began a career in Sales and Marketing which has lasted now for over 25 years ago. She branched out into the retail arena which led to her revisiting the field of Science by developing a makeup line with the focus being the making of a professional quality makeup and that would be made available to the public.

After the development and production of that line, which extended into the areas of website design, internet marketing including multi-media and television production to the present. Her mission was bringing the highest level of quality products and services to the global stage specializing in Business arena whether Small, Mid-Size, Enterprise, Government, Local or State Municipalities as well as the Business Professional. With the creation of the Security Division, the company is poised to be one of the leaders in the emerging market of Personal Peripherals, but more importantly, Security Management especially in the areas of Business Intelligence, Analysis, and Surveillence

She is also very involved in community service and the expansion of biblical study. Also classified as a biblical researcher, having formerly been approved as such at the Library of Congress in Washington D. C., and states "It's a wonderful way to share not only what you have, but also what you've learned and experienced," and this same sentiment is also a hallmark of the entire corporate team.

Chief Operating Officer & President of Business Development

Anthony Herrera

*Bio coming

President of Sales & VP of Business Development, U.S. & Int'l

D. Thompson

*Bio coming

Corporate Advisor

D. J. Valenzuela

Mr. Valenzuela has spent many years and logged countless miles working in Logistics and has seen it from the ground up. He began his career first working in a warehouse where he learned Reverse-Logistics and 3PL, but then decided he would rather work as a driver and just a short while later he realized his childhood dream of driving the "Big Trucks."

Over the last four decades Mr. David Valenzuela has worked in trucking industry in many different areas such as Driving, Teaching, Reverse Logistics, Third-Party Logistics and Coast to Coast Shipping etc. In addition, he has been a business owner himself by co-owning two Beverage-Service businesses as well as Property Management.

What a wealth of experience, wisdom and understanding that Mr. Valenzuela possesses and he has become a very important part of our business particularly in our strategic planning process.

"David" as he's known by everyone has kept current with the challenges of Logistics in this emerging market and has proven his excellence in problem-solving in a multi-divisional capacity including implementation of delivery stategies that will not only solve current issues but also help our company grow.

Executive & P.A. to the President & CEO

Jessica W.
Prior to assisting us, Jessica was a College History Major that began a Tax Preparer. And she has excelled in the area of customer service in the hospitality industry for over 5 yrs. including working for BLOOMIN"BRANDS Inc. (owners of 
Outback Steak House, Carrabba's Italian Grill, Bonefish Grill & Fleming's Prime Steakhouse, Wine Bar & Roy's). Jessica is a hard worker, gifted in customer service, great under pressure & meeting dealines. A strong team leader and player, professional and has a beautiful personality.

While working she is also currently attending the world-renowned Le Cordon Bleu in Pasadena, CA, and will graduate with a degree in Culinary Arts as a Chef, which is her passion. Go Jessica!
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